A Magical Feast

A Magical Feast

By Ingrid Samson

The 107th Feast Day Celebration of Señor Sto. Niño turned magical in Basey, Samar as locals witnessed an astounding act by Magician Boy Samson on January 23, 2011. The weather was less than cooperative, but that wasn’t enough to dampen the spirits of the people of Basey.

It was the first time for the town to get a taste of magical entertainment, and the auditorium was full to the brim with kids and adults alike, all of whom comprised a performer’s dream audience. Laughter and applause filled the air all throughout the show. The sea of faces before us displayed awe and amusement, and a few were even game enough to go onstage and join in the fun.

Many thanks go to our gracious host, Dr. Rose Capeding, Hermanos Juhani, Bien, and Jem Zeta Capeding, and the hospitable people of Basey. We look forward to visiting this wonderful place again.

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