Tale of a Filipino magician

Tale of a Filipino magician

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By Marjorie Gorospe


MANILA, Philippines – Renato “Boy” Samson discovered magic when he was six years old.
Due to his persistent desire to learn, he volunteered to be an assistant to a magician for free. In return, he was taught how to be one until finally he has polished the craft.
Samson was eventually known for combining sleight of hand with charm, making sure he maintains rapport with his audience.
Samson is one of the founding members of Inner Magic Club of the Philippines. It is one of the pioneering clubs of magicians in the country.
In an interview, Samson says that he has gotten used to skeptical audience. One trick he has learned is to invite these skeptics and make them as part the show.
I later asked him how has magic evolved as a form of entertainment in the Philippines.
“We are glad that people now recognize magic as a form of entertainment, apart from the usual sing and dance numbers you see in different occasions,” Samson says.
He recalls back then that magicians called up media to perform to get free exposure. Today, they are getting invited to perform along with celebrities.
As a magician in the Philippines, Samson hopes to perform magic just like David Copperfield.
“If only we have sponsors like him, we can also perform as he does. His performances need a lot of support like from engineering and all,” Samson added.
I then asked him what traits an aspirant magician must have.
“First is interest in magic. Patience is also one because you cannot learn it overnight. But most of all, practice, practice and practice,” Samson says.
As we concluded our conversation, Samson defined magic as a therapy for his audience.
“In just few minutes, you make your audience think how magic happens and help them forget their problems for a while,” he says.
But one thing I learned: magic will never be magic if magicians disclosed their secrets. If they do, magic will lose its mystery.

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